Utrecht, The Netherlands

Datum: 10-02-2017 t/m 12-02-2017

International Selection Rounds
TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

In February 2017, the International Selection Rounds for the 11th Franz Liszt Piano Competition will take place in New York, Utrecht, Moscow and Tokyo. The International Selection Jury will select up to 14 semi-finalists who will compete against each other during the Competition, which will be held from 8 to 21 October 2017 in Utrecht.

Come to the International Selection Rounds at TivoliVredenburg on 10, 11 and 12 February and be one of the first to discover the new piano talents! Order tickets here.

Friday 10 February - TICKETS
Afternoon session: 14.30 – 17.15 hrs
Ivan Vihor Krsnik Cohar
Alexander Ullman
Duc Anh Luu
Michelle Candotti

Evening session: 20.00 – 22.15 hrs
Anna Pavlova
Rei Naito
Renata Kriszta Konyicska
Ziyu Liu

Saturday 11 February - TICKETS
Morning session 11.00 – 13.15 hrs
Tobias Borsboom
Julian Pflugmann
Ran Feng
Jan Hugo

Afternoon session 14.30 – 16.45 hrs
Ilya Kondratiev
Leonardo Pierdomenico
Marta Czech
Minsoo Hong

Evening session 20.00 –  22.15 hrs
John Nalan
Mark Viner
Kana Ito
Corbin Beisner

Sunday 12 February - TICKETS
Morning session 11.00 – 13.15 hrs
Martin Oei
Katherine Sebring
Paul Broek
Christian Sanders

Afternoon session 14.30 – 17.15 hrs
Martin Kaptein
Wouter Bergenhuizen
Tiziano Rosetti
Asagi Nakata
Ayumu Yamanaka

Evening session 20.00 – 22.15 hrs
Jeong Yonghwan
Joo Hyeon Park
Luís Costa
Darío Llanos Javierre

Utrecht, The Netherlands