Semi-Finalists Announced!

Joop Daalmeijer, chairman of the International Jury of the 10th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition, announced which candidates will go through to the Semi-Finals. Nine of the 23 pianists who took part in the Quarter-Finals over the past few days have been selected. The performance schedule of the Semi-Finals is as follows:

Semi-Final I, Saturday 1 November, 20.00 hrs
20.00 hrs: Sergey Belyavskiy
21.20 hrs: David Huh

Semi-Final II, Sunday 2 November, 13.30 hrs
13.30 hrs: Ivan Penkov
14.50 hrs: Mariam Batsashvili
16.10 hrs: Saskia Giorgini

Semi-Final III, Monday 3 November, 20.00 hrs
20.00 hrs: Yury Favorin
21.20 hrs: Nicholas Susi

Semi-Final IV, Tuesday 4 November, 20.00 hrs
20.00 hrs: Mengjie Han
21:20 hrs: Peter Klimo

After the last Semi-Final on 4 November the International Jury will announce which three competitors will go through to the Finals.