Announcement of the semi-finalists!

After selection rounds in New York, Utrecht, Moscow and Tokyo the selection jury has - consisting of Nino Gvetadze, Igor Roma, Michael Lewin en Yingdi Sun - selected fourteen pianists who will compete in the 11th Liszt Competition. Watch the video with the results!

Semi-finalists 11th Liszt Competition
Sergey Belyavskiy (Russia)
Wouter Bergenhuizen (The Netherlands)
Leon Bernsdorf (Germany)
Michelle Candotti (Italy)
Han Chen (Taiwan)
Jenny Chen (Taiwan)
Ran Feng (China)
Minsoo Hong (South Korea)
Jan Hugo (South Africa)
Dina Ivanova (Russia)
Asagi Nakata (Japan)
Alexander Ullman (United Kingdom)
Ayumu Yamanaka (Japan)
Jeong Yonghwan (South Korea)