Competition 2017


Participants 11th Competition

First prize

Second prize

Third prize

Alexander Ullman
(1991, United Kingdom)
Minsoo Hong
(1993, South Korea)
Dina Ivanova
(1994, Russia)


After international selection rounds in New York, Utrecht, Moscow and Tokyo, the jury has selected 14 semi-finalists for the 11th Liszt Competition who will play the semi finals from 8 to 15 October. Hereby we announce them, in alphabetical order:

Sergey Belyavskiy 
(1993, Russia)
Wouter Bergenhuizen
(1988, The Netherlands)
Leon Bernsdorf
(1992, Germany)

Michelle Candotti 
(1996, Italy)
Han Chen
(1992, Taiwan)
Jenny Chen
(1994, Taiwan)

Ran Feng
(1991, China)
Minsoo Hong
(1993, South Korea)
Jan Hugo
(1991, South Africa)

Dina Ivanova
(1994, Russia)
Yonghwan Jeong
(1991, South Korea)
Asagi Nakata
(1995, Japan)
Alexander Ullman
(1991, United Kingdom)
Ayumu Yamanaka
(1988, Japan)

International Jury 11th Competition

The International Selection Rounds were held in New York, Utrecht, Moscow and Tokyo in February 2017. Participants will be jugded by the International Selection Jury, consisting of former Prize winners, including:

Nino Gvetadze

Michael Lewin
United States

Igor Roma

Yingdi Sun

International Jury

Participants selected to the Semi-Finals will be judged by the International Jury, including:

Dmitri Alexeev

Andrea Bonatta


Frederic Chiu

United States

Janina Fialkowska


Peter Frankl


Markus Groh


Leslie Howard

United Kingdom

Joop Daalmeijer

The Netherlands
       Non voting chairman

International press jury

The press prize is awarded by an international press jury for the best recital during the third semi-final round on 14 and 15 October. The press jury consists of the following members.

Akemi Alink, Japan (Chopin Magazine)
Carsten Durer, Germany (Piano News)
Stuart Isacoff, United States (Wall Street Journal)
Jeremy Nicholas, United Kingdom (Gramophone / International Piano)
Christo Lelie, chairman, The Netherlands (Trouw)
Taehyung Ryu, South Korea (Auditorium)
Eric Schoones, The Netherlands (Pianist / International Piano)
Liu Ye, China (Piano Artistry)
Anneke Leliefeld, secretary

Junior jury

The Henk de By Junior Jury Award is awarded by the junior jury for the best recital during the third semi-final round. The junior jury consists of Dutch piano talent between the ages of 13 and 17, all winners of national piano competitions. The junior jury consists of the following members.

Julius Backer, 14 years
Maxim Heijmerink, 17 years
Aidan Mikdad, 15 years
Radu Ratering, 13 years
Youp Schyns, 15 years
Mischa van Tijn, 16 years
Nino Gvetadze, chairman


First Prize
€ 20.000,- and a Career Development Programme

Second Prize
€ 12.500,- and a Career Development Programme.

Third Prize
€ 7.500,- and a Career Development Programme.

Career Development Programme for all three Prize Winners, valued at more than 300,000 Euro including:
- international concert tour following directly after the Competition
- coaching and training opportunities
- promotion support (website, cds, etc.)
- up to three years of concert management

Capgemini Audience Award
€ 3.000,- awarded by the audience for the best pianist during both Finals

Press Prize
€ 3.000,- awarded by the International Press Jury for the best recital programme during the third semi final round

Henk de By Junior Jury Award
€ 3.000,- awarded by the Junior Jury for the best recital programme during the third semi final round