Competition 2020

With the greatest sadness we have to announce that the 2020 edition of the Liszt Competition needs to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alternative: Online Audience Award

One of these fourteen pianists would have been the winner of the Liszt Competition 2020. Even though the competition was cancelled due to Covid-19, each of them still deserves your attention. Listen to the participants and discover which of them would have been your winner.

Update: the poll is closed. No fewer than 6.019 people from 71 countries voted for the Online Audience Award 2020. Thank you for voting! Tamta Magradze from Georgia won with a large majority of the votes. In addition to a cash prize of € 1000, she will receive a concert tour with performances in Weimar, Bayreuth, Budapest and Utrecht.
Irina Chistiakova
1990, Russia
Ivan Vihor
1997, Croatia
Tamta Magradze
1995, Georgia
Hang Zhong
1999, China
Nicola Pantani 
1995, Italy

Minkyu Kim
1995, South Korea
Andrew Yiangou
1992, United Kingdom
Priscila Navarro
1994, Peru

Yeon-Min Park
1990, South Korea
Anton Yashkin
1998, Russia
Asagi Nakata
1995, Japan
Matyáš Novák
1998, Czech Republic
Viktoria Baskakova
1997, Russia


The International Selection Rounds were held in Shanghai, Moscow, Utrecht and New York in August and September 2019. Participants were be jugded by the International Selection Jury, consisting of former Prize winners: Jean Dubé, Christiaan Kuyvenhoven and Mariangela Vacatello.

International Jury

Andrea Bonatta

Frederic Chiu
United States

Janina Fialkowska

Nino Gvetadze

Leslie Howard
United Kingdom

Cyprien Katsaris

Igor Roma

Wibi Soerjadi
The Netherlands

Press Jury

The press prize is awarded by an international press jury for the best recital during the third round on 1 and 2 July 2020. The press jury consists of the following members:

Chairman: Merlijn Kerkhof, Volkskrant (The Netherlands)
Serhan Bali, Andante (Turkey)
Christo Lelie, Piano Bulletin (The Netherlands)
Yoh Morioka, Chopin magazine (Japan)
Jeremy Nicholas, Gramophone / International Piano (United Kingdom)
Taehyung Ryu, Auditorium (South Korea)
Wenneke Savenije, De Nieuwe Muze (The Netherlands)
Eric Schoones, Pianist / International Piano (The Netherlands)
Laurence Vittes, Bachtrack / Seen and Heard International (United States)
Liu Ye, Piano Artistry (China)

Jury since 1986 A list of all the members of the International Jury of the Liszt Competition since 1986 can be found here.


First Prize
€ 20.000,- and a Career Development Programme

Second Prize
€ 12.500,- and a Career Development Programme.

Third Prize
€ 7.500,- and a Career Development Programme.

Career Development Programme for all three Prize Winners, valued at more than 300,000 Euro including:
- international concert tour following directly after the Competition
- coaching and training opportunities
- promotion support (website, cds, etc.)
- up to three years of concert management

Audience Award
€ 3.000,- awarded by the audience for the best pianist during the finals

Press Prize
€ 3.000,- awarded by the International Press Jury for the best recital programme during recital 3 (Transcriptions) at 21 and 22 March 2020

Henk de By Junior Jury Award
€ 1.500,- awarded by the Junior Jury for the best recital programme during recital 3 (Transcriptions) at 21 and 22 March 2020


A PDF version of the repertoire 2020 can be downloaded here.


The rules&regulations of 2020 can be viewed here.