Repertoire Liszt Utrecht 2022



1. The jury is looking for imaginative programming and repertoire choices;
2. Any piece played in the selection rounds may be repeated in a subsequent round;
3. The recital programmes in Phase 3 and Phase 4 must not contain any repertoire in common;
4. No arrangements of Liszt’s music by other composers may be included in the candidates’ repertoires

Phase 1


A live recording of maximum 15 minutes
free choice of Liszt’s works

Phase 2


A solo recital of maximum 40 minutes free choice of Liszt’s works, but including one item from Category A and one
from Category B and one from Category C:

CATEGORY A indicative playing time
a. Die Lorelei (2nd version) (6')
b. Pastorale – Schnitterchor, S508 (5,5')
c. Faribolo pastour, S236/1 (4,5')
d. Epithalam, S526 and Abschied, S251 (5,5)'
e. Vexilla Regis prodeunt, S185 (5')
f. Trauervorspiel und Trauermarsch, S206 (7')
g. Ave maris stella, S506 (4,5')
h. Andante lagrimoso, S173/9 (7')
i. Cantique d’amour, S173/10 (6')
j. Recueillement – Bellini in memoriam, S204 and Resignazione, S187b (second version) (5,5')
k. Scherzo in G min, S153 and Two Hungarian Recruiting Dances ‘Zum Andenken’, S241 (6,6')

CATEGORY B indicative playing time

a. Soirrees de Vienne – Valse Caprice d’apres Schubert No 1, S427/1 (7')
b. Soirrees de Vienne – Valse Caprice d’apres Schubert No 4, S427/4 (7')
c. Soirrees de Vienne – Valse Caprice d’apres Schubert No 6i (1st version), S427/6 (6,5')
d. Soirrees de Vienne – Valse Caprice d’apres Schubert No 7, S427/7 (6,5')

 indicative playing time

One of the following Liszt song transcriptions from 12 Lieder von Franz Schubert, S558 
a. Sei mir gegrüsst, S558/1 (6')
b. Du bist die Ruh’ (EITHER VERSION), S558/3 (5,5')
c. Die jonge Nonne, S558/6 (5,5')
d. Frühlingsglaube, S558/7 (4')
e. Ständchen von Shakespeare ‘Horch,Horch! Die Lerch (EITHER VERSION), S558/9 and Rastlose Liebe, S558/10 (5')
f. Ave Maria ‘Ellens dritter Gesang’ (EITHER VERSION), S558/12 (6')



Consisting of 4 recitals in which a maximum of 10 candidates will participate

RECITAL 1 indicative playing time

Liszt solo Recital (approximately 45’, maximum of 50’) – one of the following items, with the added free choice (timings permitting) of any further piece(s) by Liszt:

a. Trois Études de concert, S144 and Apparitions, S155/1-3 (39')
b. Années de pèlerinage III, S163/1-7 (37')
c. Two Polonaises, S223 and Ballade 1, S170 and Ballade 2, S171 (41')
d. Csárdás macabre, S224 and Trois Odes funèbres: Les morts, S516; La notte, S516a; Le triomphe funèbre du Tasse, S517 (42')
e. Six Consolations, S172 and Three Liebesträume, S541 and Illustrations du Prophète No. 2 – Les patineurs: Scherzo, S144/2 (44')
f. Harmonies Poetiques et Religiueses : Invocation, S173/1 and Ave Maria, S173/2 and Benediction de Dieu dans la solitude, S173/3 and Pensée des morts, S173/4 (45')
g. Les Preludes, S511a and Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth (ANY VERSION) and La romanesca, S252a/ii (35')
h. Zwei Konzertëtuden, S145 and Zwei Episoden aus Lenaus Faust: no. 1: Der nächtliche Zug, S513a and Quatre Valses oubliées, S215 (36')
i. Gretchen aus Faust Symphonie, S513 and Totentanz, S525 and Vierter Mephisto-Walzer, S696 (37')
j. Drei Stücke aus der Legende der heiligen Elisabeth, S498a and Zwei Orchestersätze aus dem Oratorium Christus, S498b (43')
RECITAL 2 indicative playing time

Schubert solo Recital (approximately 55’, maximum 60’) – one of the following items, with the added free choice (timings permitting) of any further piece(s) by Schubert (any version of these transcriptions, but not the simplified arrangement of Mélodies hongroises).

a. Schwanengesang, S560 (60’)
b. Winterreise, S561 and Mélodies hongroises (d'après Schubert) 1. Andante, S425/1 (55’)
c. Soiree de Vienne, Valses caprices d'après Schubert, S427 - ONLY nos. 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9 (57’)
d. Müllerlieder, S565 and Mélodies hongroises (d'après Schubert) 3. Allegretto, S425/3 (53’)
e. Sechs Melodien von Franz Schubert, S563 and Geistliche Lieder, S562 (47’)
f. Mélodies hongroises (d'après Schubert), S425 (47')
g. Schubert's Märsche für das Pianoforte Solo, S426 and Mélodies hongroises (d'après Schubert) 2. Marche, S425/3 (50’)

 indicative playing time

Each candidate is assigned one of the following groups of pieces, based on the drawing of lots (candidates will be informed at least 6 months prior to the performance). Including a work for piano and cello by Liszt and a work for quintet by Schubert.

a. Schubert – Trout – Mvmt 1 (14')
and Liszt - Première Elégie, S. 130 (5')
b. Schubert – Trout Mvmt 2 & 3 (13')
and Liszt - Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth, S. 382 (6')
c. Schubert – Trout Mvmt 4 & 5 (15')
and Liszt - Zweite Elégie, S. 131 (4')
d. Schubert – Adagio & Rondo (16')
and Liszt - Romance oubliée, S. 132 (4')

RECITAL 4 LIEDER indicative playing time

Lieder recital (maximum 20’) – consisting two songs from Group A and one songs from Group B and one new commission

Group A Liszt Songs
a. La tombe et la rose, S258 (3,5')
b. Im Rhein, im schönen Strome, S272ibis [as in GA VII/1] [NB with the ossia piano part] (3')
c. Comment disaient-ils (1st version), S276 (2')
d. Es war ein König in Thule (2nd version), S278 (4')
e. Der du von dem Himmel bist, S279i [as in GA VII/1] (5')
f. Freudvoll und Leidvoll, S280 (3')
g. Enfant, si j’étais roi, S283i [as in GA VII/1] (4')
h. S’il est un charmant gazon, S284i [as in GA VII/1] (4')
i. Der Fischerknabe, S292b (4')
j. Es rauschen die Winde (2nd version), S294 (4')
k. Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh (Wandrers Nachtlied II), S.306 (4')
l. Die stille Wasserrose, S321 (4')

Group B Schubert Songs
a. Sei mir gegrüsst, D741 (4')
b. Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D774 (3,5')
c. Du bist die Ruh’, S776 (4,5')
d. Erlkönig, D328 (4')
e. Meeresstille, D216 (2')
f. Die junge Nonne, D828 (4,5')
g. Frühlingsglaube, D686 (3')
h. Gretchen am Spinnrade, D118 (4')
i. Ständchen, D889 (3')
j. Rastlose Liebe, D138 (2')
k. Der Wanderer, D489 (5,5')
l. Ave Maria, Ellens Gesang III, D839 (6')

Obligatory work by Mathilde Wantenaar (ready in June 2022) (4')



Consisting of performances with orchestra and solo, in which 3 candidates will participate.

Obligatory work
Schuberts Grosse Fantasie ‘Wanderer’ [Liszt’s arrangement for piano and orchestra], S366

A solo signature encore of up to 7 minutes, a completely free choice of works by Liszt (original pieces, fantasies or transcriptions).